Care about the things you love

I had a situation today. Again. I am this crazy kind of person who first talk / do, and then think. While I was getting in the car, truck came by and the man threw an empty plastic bottle from the truck window to the street. The rubbish on the streets drives me crazy. And I hate that many of my tourists first impression of Egypt is dirt on the street.

Not sure you agree with me, but first thing all of us can do about it, except not throwing the rubbish on the street of course, is to tell others, who do so, to stop. That’s what I have done today. I run with my car in the back of the truck until I reach them and I shouted to the driver (since I was on his side ) to tell his friend to do not throw the rubbish on the street again. Since it is his country in the end, Masr, and we all love Egypt.

Sad part is, that it must be an European girl, 1.5m tall, who shout to the guys in the truck. But the amazing part was, that instead of driving me over with the truck or shouting back some really rude words in Arabic, which I may even not know, the man said “sorry”. I hope next time before he put some rubbish on the street he will remember that it is not a great idea, and shame on him, that the foreigner is more concern about Egypt than he is.

Most of the Egyptian people declare a huge love for their country. I am not really sure why in this case they do not care to make it better. Why they make it even worse? Any idea?

Author: e - Hurghada

I live in Hurghada for almost a decade. Married to Egyptian. Mother of two. I am not a native English speaker. So if you see any mistakes in my posts, kindly just let me know.

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