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If you’ve ever been to Hurghada, you’ve probably seen a lot of navy-orange taxis. Still trumpeting, with drivers who, passing you on the street, shout “Taxi !!!” from the window of the car. It is impossible to overlook them. Unfortunately, taxi in Hurghada are not in good reputation. There is a history in which the taxi driver wants exorbitant amounts for traveling to the indicated place, or changes the price of travel during or at the end of the course.

Cause she was a “bad woman”

Recently for a change, Hurghadian taxi driver during the course complained about foreigners living in Hurghada. They are supposedly haggling and want to abuse poor taxi drivers. He even had a situation in which the client required him to turn on the taximeter, and when he got there she said that she would not pay as much as the meter showed, because it is too much. The course cost 18.60 le, and she announced that more than 15 le would not be possible. If the taxi driver does not respond to the proposed solution, then the client will call the police.

I tried to explain to the elderly gentleman that not all foreigners were evil. What’s more, probably many of them had at least once an unpleasant situation with a taxi driver, paid for the course, or at least the driver gave them an excessive price. For, however, the stories in which taxi drivers want to stretch their clients are heard every day. I also asked him not to throw us all into one sack, because regardless of nationality or profession, man is not equal to man.

Taxi in Hurghada

For short courses I still use these standard taxis that are wandering around the city. I know more or less the price, so before entering the taxi I try to suggest the cost of the course, or I ask how much the driver would like for bringing me to a chosen place and only if I offer a sensible price I get inside.

As you know, however, people living in Hurghada permanently have a little easier. Most of us even know a little bit of Arabic and know how much the course costs. For several months, due to the increase in gasoline prices, taxi prices have gone up. The minimum course fee is 10 le.

Anxious taxi driver

A few days ago, before the course, the taxi driver priced my 25-kilometer trip, which was an exorbitant price, so I thanked with the intention of stopping another taxi. Before I left, he asked how much I would like to pay. The course I was interested in costs 10-15 le. So I proposed 10le, after which the taxi driver agreed to 15le.

As soon as I got into the car, the surprised driver commented on the fact that I speak Arabic. To cut a chat, I replied that it was because my husband is an Egyptian. To which the taxi driver without any embarrassment asked if my husband beats me O_o I do not know if you can imagine my face.

Despite the fact that my husband treats me well, the fact of having an Egyptian husband once again was enough to “fit me” on the Egyptian and offer the highest quality services.

Private taxis in Hurghada

For longer journeys, I usually try to order a private taxi without haggling. The longer the route, the more crazy prices are offered by street taxi drivers. My favorite company is “Fawry Taxi”. I will call them, I will give my location, destination and the time I need a taxi. In such a taxi, the counter is always turned on. Before the car arrives, the customer receives a text message with the car’s brand, registration number and driver’s phone number.

The very fact that you do not have to wonder whether at the end of the journey you do not have to “fight” with the driver about the price, it’s amazing comfort. But recently something else happened to us, which further strengthened the position of Fawry Taxi in my eyes.

Honest taxi driver

For a few days I was ordering a taxi for a group of tourists from the hotel behind Senzo Mall to El Gouna, because they did not have an Egyptian telephone number. During our family dinner, a taxi driver called me saying that the tourists whom he drove back to the hotel left his mobile phone.

Let there be no doubt the phone was quite valuable. I do not know how long a taxi driver would have to work to earn as much as it was worth. But it’s been a long time. Nevertheless, as soon as he found a phone that no one had ever looked for, he decided to return it. What’s more, he declared that he would go to the hotel himself and give away himself personally.

Unfortunately, he was not allowed into the hotel, and tourists were just outside the room so the reception was not able to contact them, so he waited until we came to be able to give us the mobile phone. He did not want to accept any gift for his kindness.

An exceptionally private taxi driver

We had one more adventure with the girls with a private taxi in Hurghada. Returning from the fish restaurant – Family Fish in Arabia – we waited for our black car with the given brand. Unfortunately, the determination of our location was not very easy, so I described the driver to our group not to miss us. The blonde in our circle has become the main hallmark.

I waited for a taxi in good company, so time passed quickly. Until a black car came to us and we started to get inside. In private taxis, the driver’s phone is always displayed, acting as a counter, which I could not find in this case. With surprise, I asked the driver if he would definitely work for Fawry Taxi. He replied with a smile that he was not a taxi driver, but he would gladly take us where it was needed. My face is once again indescribable.

I would add that the private taxi is not really a mistake, because in the sms comes not only the color of the car, but also the brand, and registration number, and even the phone number of the driver. But once I almost got into a stranger, instead of my husband, because there were two cars of other brands next to each other and I assumed that the one who is closer is our car.

Interesting stories, colorful experiences

Using taxis in Egypt is an amazing opportunity to get to know a lot of different people and stories, as well as various views during a few-minute course. And also, as shown by my post, a great opportunity for new experiences and colorful memories. An excellent summary of taxi travel is the book “Taxi. Tales from the Cairo courses “Chalida al Chamisi, which I recommend with all my heart.

Fawry Taxi is available at +20 (106) 900 4664. It is a free phone number, because the connection is rejected and the customer calls back the dispatcher.

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