Lillyland Beach Club Resort – Hurghada

Lillyland Beach Club Resort

Lillyland Beach Club Resort is located few minutes from Senzo Mall in Hurghada. It have some great photos and really good offer in It has also some bad reviews, which I couldn’t really get until I go there. Read up if you ever think about staying in this hotel.

I had to admit that quite competitive price and some nice sliders for both – small kids and parents – was the reason I decided for this hotel. How bad four star hotel could be, I have asked myself. Well… bad. So bad I would never ever go there again.

As the part of reservation from we always receive welcome drinks when we check-in. But that was first time when drinks tasted like juice with a lot of water inside.

We had to pay extra for our son who is 6 years and 3 months, since that’s more than 6. 50% of adult price. So the competitive price was not so competitive any longer. I wanted to check with if they really can do it, but I got another surprise – there is no free WIFI in the hotel. At all. Crazy woman I was not prepared for that at all – with almost no credit in my phone.

After few minutes of waiting, while they was checking kids birth certificates and our documents, they take us to our room. It was quite clean. That’s a plus. And we had a folding sofa. But the view… Empty sand field with rubbish surrounded with green net.

Lillyland Beach Club Resort room view

And it is not a joke.

There is no food available in the bars. Except some pastry in the evening. Meat was not cooked. Drinks include water and watery tang juice (juice made from powder). Wine taste like water as well.

The slides are pretty nice except the part that in some of them you are getting stuck. And I don’t mean that fat person get stuck. I mean that you do not slide. You have to push yourself with your hands to move… Some of them are covered with rust.

The beach is quite big and pretty clean. There is a long marina with the ladder at the end. Which is really nice especially that there are some corals there.

The worst part of Lillyland Beach Club Resort was personnel. Most of them lazy, not caring, not helpful. Almost everyone asking my husband where I am from, where we meet. Giving comments about us. And I don’t feel like sharing my life story with everyone who see me walking to the swimming pool or restaurant.

Honestly, if you ever think about going to Lillyland Beach Club Resort, think again.

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