Pyramids in Egypt

Pyramids in Giza

It’s been 6 years since I lived in Egypt, and yet until yesterday I never saw the pyramids. I am ashamed to admit it. Fortunately, we managed to organize some time. I’ve been wondering for a long time what it will look like. Will the pyramids impress me or delight with their greatness. Or will it turn out that seeing the pyramids with your own eyes is completely overrated.

Trip to the Pyramids

To reach the pyramids, we traveled through all of Cairo. As we approached these majestic tombs, the younger son announced that the pyramids must wait, because he needed to use the toilet. We stopped the car in a place where the pyramids were already visible. We were immediately accosted by a man who offers a carriage ride around the pyramids and the Sphinx. His co-worker, roughly a 13-14 year-old boy, stood in the middle of the street and approached moving cars offering the same service.

Of course, first my husband took his son for a need. It turned out that the other son thought about the matter and would also like to use the toilet. The kind man from the carriage went to help with the text “my husband is here”. I was in a hurry to the pyramids, my son even more to the toilet, so I did not lead the man out of the blue that it was my husband and not his.

Where are the pyramids in Egypt

Of course, the fact that the pyramids are in Giza has been known to me for years. But I was convinced that the Giza Plateau, where the pyramids are located, is a vast desert area where ancient pyramids stand. I do not know if you can imagine how enormous was my surprise when it turned out that right next to the pyramids is not only Pizza Hut, or KFC, but also quite an ordinary housing estate with apartments for rent.

The “old town,” as my husband had praised it, smelled of horse-like poo. It is full of narrow streets and neglected buildings. It does not resemble European Old Towns at any angle. Well, maybe those narrow streets, where (surprisingly) local drivers are passing through without any problems.

Pyramids in Giza

The pyramids made an amazing impression on me. Standing right next to several thousand years of history is truly an indescribable experience. For children, the greatest fun was probably the ride itself and posed photos, on which, among others they touch the very tip of the pyramid. But the same pyramids and Sphinx, seen so far only in fairy tales, also aroused their interest.

When we were leaving for Cairo, I was still looking at the pyramids. From the perspective of a street full of cars and littered roadsides, they looked completely different, but still majestic. My husband’s cry snapped from my thoughts: “Hitler! Hitler!” I did not expect such a reaction after visiting the ancient tombs completely. It turned out that the car in front of us has a swastika at the lights. The driver was an unconscious senior man in a galabeya. Egypt will probably never stop surprising me.

If you are wondering whether it is worth seeing the pyramids, in my opinion Hurghada to Cairo day trip is definitely a must!

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