Woman on holiday in Egypt – things to keep in mind (truths and myths)

Women who want to go on holiday to Egypt often face many warnings. Friends and family try to dissuade them from the idea of ​​spending their holidays in this Arab country, especially alone, or in a group of women only.

In my opinion, a holiday in Egypt in a female group is not a bad vacation plan at all. However, it is worth knowing a few rules, the management of which will make our stay more pleasant.

The woman’s costume in Egypt

A woman in Egypt must cover her hair, legs, arms … – MYTH

A woman on holiday in Egypt can easily enjoy the wonderful sun. She does not have to cover every piece of her body. But when going out, it’s worth to dress modestly. Especially if you are not interested in flirting with sellers from nearby stores. It is not about tightly covering every piece of you, but for example, not putting on translucent clothing items, hot shorts revealing buttocks or very low-cut blouses.

Going out

A woman should not leave the hotel by herself – MYTH

A woman or women can leave the hotel alone. Of course, as in any other country, it is good to keep common sense and do not enter the dark, abandoned streets or alleys. But you can easily walk around the shops, go for a walk or visit nearby restaurants. It is also worth remembering about the right outfit (the above paragraph)

A woman should not sit in front of a taxi – TRUE

Driving a taxi, even if the woman is traveling alone, is not dangerous. However, it is worth remembering not to occupy the space at the front. For many taxi drivers it is an incentive to flirt. It does not mean, however, that if any of the ladies sat in the front, she would definitely be hurt. But if we want to avoid misunderstandings, it’s better to take a seat in the back. It is much better to choose a taxi ordered by phone rather than caught from the street. I’ve already written about it in the Hurghada Taxi post.

Egyptian loverboys

Egyptians seduce the tourist – TRUTH

Indeed, tourists are usually a tasty morsel for the Egyptians. Above all, they are much more accessible than the Egyptians. But unfortunately, they are often an opportunity to get a visa to Europe or expensive gifts. So let’s not give in to the charm of the newly-known Egyptian. It is wise to consider whether he is really interested in us. The Egyptians are very effusive in their feelings. If a waiter or boy from an animation during a few-day stay declares to you lifelong love, it is worth being aware that already on the day of your departure, he can give the girl from the new airplane the same feeling .

Egyptians do not accost women who come with their husbands – MYTH

Married European women are caught less often. Especially if they do not show interest in the Egyptians, and look happy in a relationship. It does not mean, however, that they do not arouse interest. This is unfortunately due to the fact that married women who are on vacation in Egypt sometimes like to “have fun” with local men. I myself witnessed a situation in which a woman refused to go out to the city with an Egyptian only because her parents-in-law “watched her” during the holidays in Hurghada.

Summarizing :

Can a woman go to holiday in Egypt alone? YES

I have lived in Egypt for almost 8 years. I have contact with tourists every day. I have been in hotels in Hurghada by myself as well, without my husband or children. And to be honest, I think that there is nothing to fear, although it is worth to keep common sense. It is better to make an impression of harsh girl, than to embrace an Egyptian man with a flirtatious smile.

Remember, dear women, in Egypt women are very inaccessible. A fleeting smile or longer eye contact is often a signal of interest. And the Egyptians do not give up easily. Finding a partner is not at all easy here, let alone a woman who will go to bed with a man without going to weddings or will provide a visa to Europe …

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I live in Hurghada for almost a decade. Married to Egyptian. Mother of two. I am not a native English speaker. So if you see any mistakes in my posts, kindly just let me know.

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