Care about the things you love

I had a situation today. Again. I am this crazy kind of person who first talk / do, and then think. While I was getting in the car, truck came by and the man threw an empty plastic bottle from the truck window to the street. The rubbish on the streets drives me crazy. And I hate that many of my tourists first impression of Egypt is dirt on the street. Continue reading “Care about the things you love”

Woman on holiday in Egypt – things to keep in mind (truths and myths)

Women who want to go on holiday to Egypt often face many warnings. Friends and family try to dissuade them from the idea of ​​spending their holidays in this Arab country, especially alone, or in a group of women only.

In my opinion, a holiday in Egypt in a female group is not a bad vacation plan at all. However, it is worth knowing a few rules, the management of which will make our stay more pleasant.

Continue reading “Woman on holiday in Egypt – things to keep in mind (truths and myths)”

What make winter in Hurghada awesome

First day of winter passed by unnoticed. The “cold season” started.  Winter jackets, coats, high warm boots, blankets and heaters should be on top now. But it’s Hurghada – impossibly lovely city for the winter time. Temperature during the day reaches 27 degrees. Yep, it is not a joke. Follow up below reasons that make winter in Hurghada just awesome! Continue reading “What make winter in Hurghada awesome”