Street dogs in Hurghada

Since few days facebook is on fire because of dogs that have been poisoned in Senzo Mall lately. It is horrible thing what happen and I fully understand that you want to boycott Senzo for killing those poor animals in such a terrible way. I get also that we should all not go to Senzo any more especially after we saw died dogs in the trolley where we put our food and kids. Continue reading “Street dogs in Hurghada”

Khaligeya Village

Khaligeya Village is a beautiful villas compound in Hurghada. Great place to spend a holiday far from the hotel’s crowd. Located at the begin of Mamsha, 100 m fromĀ  Abu Ashara Supermarket & Gad Take Away, 500m from Sindbad Aqua Part.

Dozens of villas with private beach and swimming pool. A lot of grass, flowers, palms. One of the best places for a dream home in Hurghada.